Making $Money$ With MFOS

Can I Sell MFOS Products Commercially?

I am often asked this question and currently have arrangements of this type ongoing with several people around the planet. If you have years of electronic project building experience and possess quality electronic project constructions skills and equipment you might consider building up MFOS projects for people and selling them as a sideline to earn additional money.

It is important for people to understand that I do not provide design consulting, parts procurement, the inevitable trouble shooting, customer relations or other support requiring my time and effort. I provide full project documentation, PCBs and some harder to find parts to support your efforts.

I present this information right up front so people don't develop unrealistic expectations about my involvement in their enterprise. Running MFOS and coming up with new projects takes my full time and attention. I recommend that only people who possess a complete understanding of the projects, appropriate tools and equipment and years of electronics construction skill consider providing construction services to others.

I sell PC boards to people who build up products, sell them and make subsequent profits at my normal cost. I don't discount the board price but I do give you permission to build units and sell them for profit using my designs simply for the regular price of the boards. I don't ask for subsequent royalties or anything complicated like that.

Are You Ready to Support Customers?

There is more to selling on the web than just selling. You have to ship products within a reasonable time frame. You need to find a place to supply you with shipping supplies - boxes, tape, padding, etc. You need to decide which service you'll use for shipping (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL). How will you accept payments? How will you keep track of orders? You need to respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner. You need to follow up if someone has a complaint or needs a situation resolved. You have to be fair and considerate with your customers. Think it all the way through before investing money so that you have the best chance to succeed.

Below are more questions and answers regarding use of MFOS products for commerce. Please direct commercial use inquiries to

Can I mass produce MFOS PC Boards?

I don't supply cad or gerber files to anyone for my PC boards as I consider them my intellectual property. I do not give permission to mass or hand produce and sell my PC board designs. I do not give permission to re-layout my circuit designs and then mass or hand produce and sell them. I want MFOS to continue to be around to keep bringing cool things to the synth-diy community. The information on MFOS is my intellectual property. I'm happy to share it with hobbyists to help them advance in knowledge of analog synthesizers and build cool projects but I also make my living by selling PC boards and kits. I appreciate the fair-mindedness of the Synth-DIY community. We look out for one another's interests and I appreciate that very much.

I give full permission for hand reproduction of MFOS PC patterns by individuals for use in their electronics projects. I have used patterns of the same resolution as that supplied on the site for making boards with excellent results.

What are MFOS' terms for commercial use of MFOS PC boards?

  1. When purchasing PC boards from me with the intention of making money by either building and selling complete units or selling parts kits sellers agree to buy the PC boards from me at the normal price. Whatever subsequent profit you make from selling units or kits is totally yours. I do this for a living so I always keep items in stock and you can rely on me to be here in the future when you need more product(s).

  2. I politely ask that you add this to your suggested links page or area (not required): MFOS: Imagine, Invent, Stay Ingenious!
    HTML: <a target="_blank" href="">MFOS: Imagine, Invent, Stay Ingenious!</a>

  3. You do NOT need to add any MFOS branding to the product. I do appreciate it when people make a comment somewhere in the product hype that says it is based on an MFOS design or uses a board from MFOS but that is up to your discretion.

  4. If selling kits to accompany an MFOS PC board, sellers agree to use quality components in their kits, pack them securely, and provide clear instructions to buyers on how to request replacements for missing or damaged parts.

  5. Sellers take full responsibility for the relationship between themselves and the customers for which they build and to whom they sell products. I do not become the middle man or the support center for people to whom you sell products.

  6. Sellers agree to take reasonable steps to help customers to whom they sell products if the need arises. The synth-diy world is not that big and people find out fast when someone is not treating customers with respect. I reserve the right to discontinue sales to individuals or businesses that do not take care to provide their customers with quality products and services.

Can I use complete or partial circuit designs from MFOS in my own designs?

Hobbyists can use the information on the site as fully as possible for non-commercial use. I never give anyone permission to blatantly copy my work for commercial use. I think in anyone's mind that would not be fair. However if you get an idea from a circuit and then adapt it for another use or change some values for your use or learn a concept and use it and the goal is a commercial product that is absolutely fine, we all learn from one another. However, to reiterate, I do not give permission to engage in blatant copying of MFOS designs or PC patterns for commercial use. If for some reason you just have to use an MFOS design as is then let's discuss how we can make it happen. I'm a reasonable person.

I've been buying MFOS boards and building and selling units or parts kits, is that cool?

Absolutely! Buying the boards from me at the regular price is all I ask. You've been playing by what I consider fair rules all along and I hope your sales continue to be successful. I would appreciate a link on your site if at all possible as discussed above.