Universal Mounting Brackets Perfect for Synth-DIY.

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These are 1mm thick aluminum brackets that have a 3/8" hole and a 5/32" hole on one side and a slot that accomodates 6-32 hardware on the other side. You use these in conjuction with a 6-32 bolt and nut or front panel component (up to 3/8" shaft) to hold you PC board to your module's front plate.

I position my face plate components so that I can use two of these to mount a PC board with. You have some latitude regarding placement because the slot in the one side permits 0.6" (15.24 mm) of sideways movement for your mounting nut and bolt.

I sell these in sets of 10 pieces. You always need em' now you can stock up on em'.

See the mechanical drawing for complete specs.