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Ray Wilson authored this content while he was actively running MFOS as the founder and resident genius.
We retain the content because it reflects a valuable point of view representing that time and place.

Article by Ray Wilson
This is a beginner project and I do recommend it as a first project or if you are just getting started in synths or electronics. The circuit, layout and wiring diagram are provided to help you succeed. Please read the entire page before ordering PC boards or kits to ensure that the information provided is thorough enough for you to complete and troubleshoot the project successfully.


  • Makes Wacky, Zany, Weird, Unusual Sounds
  • Stimulates brain cell growth in humans and pets.
  • Exposure of fetus to Weird Sounds promotes genius and prodigy...ism.
  • Can actually get a child away from a television.
    Here's proof 
  • Exposure of octogenarians to Weird Sounds reduces flatulence.
  • Fun to do at lunch time, snack time, anytime (low in calories).
  • Fun to do at board meetings (or in boring meetings).
  • Low current consumption so you can make weird sounds for a long long time.

This project was personally endorsed by Albert Einstein who, while alive, looked into the future (as was his wont) and declared... "Zom day Zom vun iss goink to make a very veird zound generator. I would like to personally endorse it ahead of time." Not many people know this fact but now both of us do.


This is a really fun project and it makes a LOT of weird sounds. You will have hours, no at least days... weeks of fun making weird sound after weird sound. You will make at the very least a MILLION weird sounds in the first month alone. I recommend that you use this in conjunction with your hardware or software sampler to provide tons of timbres for you sampling synth. Research by the prestigious Institute or Weirdsoundology at Stockholm has shown that exposure of unborn fetuses to weird sounds promotes genius and prodigy...ism. The following scientific chart makes this point very obvious.

Obvious Chart Showing Effect Of Weird Sounds On Fetuses
Information copyright of the prestigious Institute or Weirdsoundology at Stockholm
Obvious happiness and brain growth of a fetus EXPOSED to weird sounds. Obvious sadness and brain shrinkage of a fetus NOT EXPOSED to weird sounds.

If you don't believe them at least believe me that this is the COOLEST WEIRD SOUND GENERATOR in the near universe. I feel certain that in far away universes there may be others developing weird sound generation equipment and who knows, it MAY be cooler but that would be a stretch.

Weird Sound Samples

Now you have no excuse not to expose at least yourself (if not your fetus) to weird sounds. Some of these are raw and others have reverb or echo.
Console Alarm Going Off Down The Hall
Console Alarm Going Off In The Room
Four Voice Drone
Double WherrrOoooh With Reverb
Four Voice Drone With Reverb
Machinery With Reverb
Modulated Drone With Echo
Modulated Drone With Reverb
SETI Voice Heard In Noise
Sync Weirdness
Warning Klaxon
Weird Modulated Drone
Weird Modulated Drone With Reverb


Scott Stites "Looney" Mods

Scott Stites is a diyer with a ton of cool circuits to check out. He has come up with some great mods that use Vactrols (LED and Photo-cell in an integrated package) to provide some voltage controlling options. Very cool!

Scott Stites "Looney" Mods

Paolo Di Nicolantonio Totally Thorough WSG Blog

Paolo Di Nicolantonio has a great site called SynthMania. Paolo's blog is really detailed and shows the care he put into getting things right the first time. Although Paul is just getting started in synth-DIY you could learn from his attention to detail. His WSG build was successful from the get-go. His blog shows why.

Paolo's WSG Blog

Paolo's cool song using the WSG as a drone voice.

Matt Stanfield's Awesome WSG Blog

Matt Stanfield has kindly blogged his WSG building experience and if you are thinking of building a unit from a board or buying a kit you will find it very valuable. He has shared a ton of pics too.

Matt's WSG Blog

Kevin Holland's Excellent WSG Blog

Really nice blog with a lot of excellent photos.
To check it out go here:

There is a 5 second delay when you turn the unit on.

Testing in the Weird Sound Labs has shown that there is a five second delay when the unit is first powered. This is due to the biasing network (R16, R17, and C8) charging up until the filter's bias input is happy. Nothing to be concerned about unless an alien is attacking and you know that if you could only hit it with that weird sound you found last night that it would be curtains for the alien. Then five seconds can seem like an eternity and we're sorry.

Sound Tracks For Your Next Independent Film

WSG Concerto Number 1 (9.3 Megs)

Realized on the WSG by Ray Wilson.
Single track with WSG and reverb added by Cakewalk Home Studio.
Faded in the beginning with the Cakewalk Home Studio fade in tool.
Multiple knob twiddling and switch flicking employed throughout the piece.

Obligatory FDA Warning

The Weird Sound Generator you are about to enjoy is EXTREMELY WEIRD and can cause episodes of weirdness, euphoria, gladness, happy times, and things of that nature. Do not attempt to put the Weird Sound Generator into a blender and make a protein shake with it. Do not stand on the Weird Sound Generator in order to reach a high shelf. The Surgeon General has determined that listening to the Weird Sound Generator can cause a disturbance in the force and may result in uncontrollable episodes of performance art. The effects of listening to the Weird Sound Generator while eating a danish have not yet been evaluated (but a WSG and a box of danishes are on their way to the Surgeon General and we expect to hear back soon).

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: (1000 Weird Sounds)

Amount Per Serving
Calories: 0

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 0g 0%
   Saturated Fat 0g 0%
   Trans Fat 0g 0%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carboydrates 0g 0%
   Dietary Fiber 0g ~
   Sugars 0g ~
Protein 0g 0%

Vitamin A 0% Vitamin C 0%
Iron 0% Calcium 0%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your weird sound needs