Welcome to Waveform Processing's WP-20 Mini-Synth Sound Effects Synthesizer Project

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This is all of the information I am offering regarding this project. I have placed this information here for historical value only. If you decide to build it you are on your own. The illustrations are scanned from my original manual to preserve the nostalgia.

Over 30 years ago Ray Wilson and Ron Romeo created a small company that sold PC boards and kits. We called it "Waveform Processing" The WP-20 Mini-Synth kit was our flagship product. As I look back at it now I see many things I would do differently today but I wanted to leave it as it was all those years ago.

If you long for a simpler time and wish you could transport yourself back and get one of these, Stephen Abel (The Sonic Chef) has an answer to your wish. You can order a pre-built WP-20 and make some vintage 70's style beeps, boops and whooshes for yourself.

Steve's blog: http://www.myspace.com/soniquechef

Please note: The transaction is between you and Stephen Abel. If this product or service is not up to the standards of MFOS please let me know and I will remove this link. Conversely, please write concerning endorsements and I will post them.