Sound Lab ULTIMATE Prototype PCB Support Page

Purchase the same parts as you would for the production version.

Wire the front panel as shown for the production version with the following exceptions:

  • There are no drivers for the sample and hold LED or the Repeat Gate generator. They were added after the prototype was evaluated. So these LEDs will not be wired up unless you add a daughter board with LED drivers yourself.

ULTIMATE Prototype Board Schematic PDFs

ULTIMATE Prototype Kludges

This is a change to the VCA biasing network. In place of R196 you put two 470K resistors in series (label 4). From the center junction of the two 470K resistors you connect a 180K resistor to V+ (label 2). There is a convenient source of V+ next to pin 11 of U18. I ran a short piece of wire to the 180K resistor from there (label 1). I secured the resistor with some super glue on top of R198 (trim pot). Lastly put a 100pF capacitor is parallel with R197 (label 3).
This is a simple one. If you use the tempcos simply insert a 100pF cap where R15 would normally go (label 5). For osc 2 put the cap where R67 would normally go. For osc 3 put the cap where R109 would normally go. If you don't use tempcos then put the resistors where the designators are on the board and place a 100pF cap in parallel with each resistor R15, R67 and R109.
To accomodate connecting the external input to the mixer drill six holes in the board as shown so that you can mount the .1uF cap and 10K resistor on the board near the mixer op amp. Connect the wiper of R134 to one lead of the cap. Connect the cap's other lead and one of the resistor leads together. Lastly connect the resistor's other lead to the junction of U13 pin 2 and the input mixer resistors (R128, R130, R133, and R135)